Photography Society

TEDU Photography Society was established as the “TEDU Radio and Communication Society- Photography Unit” in 2015. The society organized Basic Photography classes in the first year and opened the first photography exhibition of the university “Reading Ankara”, following a field carried at Ankara Castle, Ulus. Along with the basic photography classes, founding president Batuhan Önder and vice president Zeynep Çakır organized a workshop on minimalism in the framework of the Design Market activity initiated by TEDU, Architecture and Design society. The society also organized photography trips to Safranbolu and Eskişehir and prepared the “TEDU Photography Exhibition” with the participation of its 14 members. The exhibition included 30 photographs and the opening was attended by over 100 people. The Photography Unit was recognized as an independent group in spring 2016 under the name of “TEDU Photography Society”.

            Along with the photography trainings TEDU Photography Society aims to show its members the power and potential of photography. In today’s extremely virtualized world photography offers a stimulating/soothing perspective and enables a different kind of communication. Thus photography is more than a branch of art, it is a strong means of expression which will expand our members horizons.

Board of Management:

President: Batuhan Önder
Vice President: Zeynep Çakır
Secretary General: Deniz Kayalılar
Member: Melis Özge Gayretli
Member: Eda Nur Abanozoğlu

Academic Advisor:

Tolga İnan

 Social Media: