Entrepreneurship & Management Society

TEDU EMS is a career society co-established by the faculties of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Engineering participated by students from all the departments of our university. The primary objective of EMS is to promote entrepreneurship in all the possible fields and it aims to prepare the students to the professional life. Our society has been established with the goal of increasing the interest to entrepreneurship and management, transform their theoretical knowledge into practice and acquire experience in order to take a firm step into the world of business. To this end our society organizes panel discussions with academicians and expert managers, field trips, career summits and trainings and workshop activities.

Board of Management:

President: Berk Şen

Vice President: Ayşe Oben Görgün 

Secretary General: Merve Naz Abanazoğlu 

Member: Engincan Kamış

Member: Oğul Görgün 

Member: Hasan Batuhan Durmuş 


Academic Advisor:

Ayça Tekin KORU

Social Media:


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