Cinema Club

"Cinema is a way to tell the holy life. '' Federico Fellini

     Our Cinema Club was established to creat a new field where creative individuals can express themselves, to benefit from the experiences of working people in the film industry, making amateur activities in the light of these experiences, to provide social and personal sensitivity against incidents through cinema, to increase the understanding against the divergent, to ensure the participation of students of TEDU to activities of club, to create a team spirit and eternize this spirit in the academic year 2013-2014.

    TEDU Cinema Club organizes film screenings and film reading meetings, shares important films in the history of cinema with members. Also it makes events with the directors and actors.

Board of Directors

President of The Club : Eyüp Atakan Özkan
Vice President of The Club : Doğukan GÜLTAKTI
Secretary - General: Bengi Su ŞATIROĞLU 

Academic Adviser

Derin İNAN

Social Media