Architecture and Design Society

Designing is a culture and as the Architecture and Design Society we aim to spread this design culture. We both try to create a cooperation between architecture students and motivate them and also meet with other people who are interested in designing. We try to create these relations by making cocktails and workshops which students have interest in. To add, every month we have a press called theVoid and a blog with the same title where we post different posts all from the hands of students. Also, our society creates an environment where students can create their own designs like bookmarks, notebooks, jewelery and so on.

TEDU Architecture and Design Society gives special attention to communication. Therefore we try to inform people who have interest in design competitions and we try to support them in some conditions. Not only in our university but also in coordination with the students in other universities we try to create fields of discussion about current and popular topics. We want to show that architecture is for every age and for people from every field of interest.

The Board:


Academic Supervisor: Başak UÇAR

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